Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Worldwide NYC Lyme Rally Announcement: Agenda


Here's our exciting speaker schedule for the NYC Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Rally on Fri. May 10, 2013!!!!!! Hope you'll join us. thanks. please like and share....

Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Rally – May 10, 2013, NYC, Union Square, South Plaza: 12-4 pm

12:00 Musical lead-in

12:30 Dr. Daniel J. Cameron – NY (past president ILADS, president 2013), Lyme and epidemiologic research

12:45 Dr. Eva Sapi – CT, University of New Haven, Dept of Biology and Environmental Science

1:00 Gerald T. Simons – NY, PA-C, works at the Morrison Center, NYC.

1:15 Dr. Charles Ray Jones – CT (ILADS, pediatrician who has treated 20,000 children in Europe, Australia, US, Canada, Mexico, S Africa, Pakistan, India, Singapore, China, Japan, N. Korea, S. Korea, Saudi Arabia etc.

1:30 Tracy Hans – NJ, LPC, ACS, Lyme literate Psychotherapist

1:45 Jeff Christiansen – NY, Fire Island four poster deer program

2:00 Jill Auerbach – NY, Hudson Valley Lyme Disease Association – tick prevention

2:15 Douglas Nadjari, Esq. – NY, who successfully counseled Dr. Liegner through the OPMC process

2:30 Meghan Harrison – PA, Lyme patient, recipient of TBDA Courage Award, 2013

2:45 Ariana Sierzputowski – NY, Lyme patient

3:00 Dr. Andrea Gaito – NJ (co-founder and former president ILADS, current Treasurer, ILADS) rheumatologist/internist

3:15 Dr. Kenneth B. Liegner – NY, internal medicine/critical care, treating Lyme since 1988

3:45 Musical finale

Pam Weintraub – NY, author “Cure Unknown” - book signin

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